Dr. Donna Schmidt
Dr. Donna D. Schmidt
2018 Great Lakes Rotary PETS General Chair

Wade Nomura is the real deal! He is knowledgeable about leadership models, has extensive field experience in putting them into practical use in diverse settings and has the energy to stay the course until the job is done. He has a warm smile and presents his remarks in clear understandable terms.

Barry Rassin Rotary President 2018-19
Barry Rassin, OD, FACHE
President Rotary International 2018-19

Wade is a talented presenter who captures his audience with his enthusiasm and relaxed style.  He is one of the rare individuals who can reach into your heart and give you the essence of his message with clarity.  Having worked with Wade I have been so impressed by his commitment to getting things done and done right.  He is the “go to” person for many because he will finish the job in a good way and on time.

Louey, Quon
Quon Louey
Executive Director Telehealthdocs Medical Group, Bakersfield East Rotary President 2019-20

Wade Nomura is an inspiration to anyone who meets him.  From humble beginnings to what he has become as a successful businessman and leader, Wade truly inspires everybody he meets.

His determination to always do better allows him to achieve his many accomplishments.

Wade has the ability to motivate and instill confidence along with his passion for helping people and the less fortunate.

There is no one I am aware of that does not admire and respect Wade Nomura.

I am honored to call him my friend!

Jayanta Chatterji
Jayanta Chatterji
Rotary District 3291, DRFC Chair 2016-19

I still remember Wade’s presentation on the importance of Community Needs Assessments at a breakout session at the Rotary International Convention in Toronto.


Fly, Kimberly
Kim Fly
MurphyKing Real Estate

In the philanthropic development, Wade is remarkable in developing partnerships between a corporate mission and humanitarian and ecological needs in the world. So many of us want to make a difference but finding a direct avenue knowing the money is going to be used for what was intended is rare. Wade’s connections and experience guarantee a project gets done without layers and layers of administration costs.

Les Esposito
Les Esposito
CEO Dyslexia Awareness and Resource Center, Santa Barbara, CA

Wade Nomura is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is endowed with an enviable command of communication principles coupled with an amazing ability to connect with his audiences on a variety of subjects.

Boris Grodzovsky
Boris Grodzovsky
Past President, Rotaract Club of Santa Barbara

Wade Nomura has an innate ability to connect to people of all walks of life and engenders action in others. He presents ideas simply and with precision. He is a remarkable trainer – teaching in a natural, comfortable manner that makes it easy to learn.

Kirk Reed – Rotary District 5500
Rev. Dr. Kirk Reed
United Methodist Church, Governor Rotary District 5500

Wade Nomura has the rare gift of being able to communicate information — lots of information — clearly while speaking to the hearts of his listeners, inspiring them to positive action.